Crete 22-31 July

Nina relaxes in our bungalow at Elonda Beach hotel, Crete  View from our terrace  Mother and daughter posing  Father and daughter posing 
Mother and father posing  On the way to the restaurant  Elounda coastal walk  Spinalonga peninsula in background 
The resturant walk, Elounda  Nice house  Our favourite restaurant: Lotus Eaters  Choosing 
Daniel, the owner, preparing the fish for Nina  Lamb  Relaxing at the terrace  Neighbour hotel 
Neighbour hotel from above  Building  Carob tree  ..and it's fruits, sometimes used in bread 
Hotel decoration  Lime  Nina and her iPhone  Water activities 1 
Water activities 2  Water activities 3  Water activities 4  Some local ceremony 
A yacht anchoring outside our hotel  Elounda walk  Nina posing  Daughter and mother 
Elounda harbour  Very well maintained fishing boats  Elounda city beach  Evening quietness 
Piers  At our second favorite restaurant, the small local taverna Kantouni - number one on Trip Advisor  Simple, but what a lovely food!  Later on at Kantouni 
No toothpicks?  Portrait  Elounda house  Peculiar house 
Elounda square  Again at Lotus Eaters  Outside the restaurant  Daniel serving 
Good view  Nina enjoying  My main course  Good evening 
Excursion to the Lashiti plateau  Our rental car  View Elounda  Fishing boat 
Elonda square  Nice colors  Peculiar form  An other good local taverna - the Hope. Not easy to find! 
Inside the Hope  View from the Hope  The owners cat  Elounda by night 
Local paintings  At the cash mashine  Buying present to daughter of restaurant owner  Night yacht 
Swiming at night outside our bungalow  At our bungalow  Passing ship